Additional Information

Although, the PTFC organization has historically donated funds to RMHC (and will continue to applaud their wonderful effort), a decision was made by PTFC Board Members in the late part of 2010 to focus their attention on NIH Charities, instead. In short, Board members felt that a decision to direct funds to NIH Charities would, ultimately, have a greater long-term positive impact on children, families and advancements in medical research. The potential societal dividend was too difficult to ignore.

In addition, our growing support base, including 28,000 NIH employees, 14,000 NOAA employees and hundreds of school officials (in jurisdictions throughout the country) are comfortable supporting PTFC because we are independent and have no ties to any Fortune 500 Corporation. Likewise, our unique emphasis and focus on “raising children’s awareness of the value of giving to others” is something that our national support base continues to admire. It’s one more thing that our supporters thoughtfully say helps set us apart from other worthy children and family oriented causes.

Lastly, the need to involve ISRI in our efforts to obtain the support of aluminum recyclers throughout the country is no longer necessary given PTFC’s success in developing a national network of supporting aluminum recyclers on our own. This will also insure PTFC’s autonomy as we continue our 6-year effort.

PTFC is mission oriented, mission directed, and nonsectarian. Your extraordinary ongoing support is greatly appreciated. Thank you.



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