Pull Tabs for Charity Helps Grieving Children and their Friends

Pull Tabs for Charity continues to help in more ways than anticipated.   In fact, children who've lost a sibling due to cancer are finding that supporting PTFC is helping them channel their grief. Stories like this continue to inspire us. Teachers, parents, and friends of grieving families are now embracing PTFC throughout the country.  We hope you find this story as meaningful as we do ...

What do you do if your younger brother is diagnosed with cancer?  If you are Elyssa Morris you find a way to help others, especially those facing the same medical battle your brother is fighting.  In Elyssa’s case that was collecting pull tabs.  To most they are little bits of aluminum but Elyssa realized that they are much more.  Gathered together, one at a time, they can turn into something far greater, and Elyssa recognized this.  Even when Elyssa’s brother, Zachary lost his battle with cancer, Elyssa continued her efforts in his memory.  Elyssa collects tabs whenever and wherever she can.  She collects tabs at school sporting events.  She collects tabs at her overnight camp in North Carolina.  She collects them in her neighborhood and at community events. 

She recently helped with the ongoing collection of pull tabs at the Annual Spring Fling at Ashburton Elementary School in Bethesda, Maryland, the school her brother Zachary attended.  She is a dedicated supporter of Pull Tabs for Charity, and has inspired many friends and family members to help in her efforts for Pull Tabs for Charity.   Elyssa pays tribute to her brother with each tab she collects and she makes it just a bit easier for many, young and old alike, who are now dealing with cancer by her efforts.  And she is teaching those around her the power of compassion and charity.  So what do you do if your younger brother is diagnosed with cancer?  In ways large and small you honor him and make your world a better place.  Elyssa knows, she does it every day.



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