How Pull Tabs for Charity Raises Funds

Pull Tabs for Charity primarily raises funds by sponsoring semi-annual fund raising events in the Washington, DC Metropolitan Area and selling an exquisite line of gift items available at the NIH Clinical Center and NIH Building 31A gift shops.  Gift items include Escama Studio accessory items and a limited series of signed & numbered "Breast Cancer Stamp" wall posters, designed by the art director who created the U.S. Postal Breast Cancer Awareness Stamp.

PTFC also raises funds by sponsoring an ongoing aluminum pull tab recycling program, which initially began in 2006 with the cooperation and support of a generous local metal recycling company, The Montgomery Scrap Corporation (a local company in Rockville, Maryland that has been in existence since 1949). Thankfully, “Montgomery’s ongoing support” paved the way for our present involvement with countless other recyclers who process recyclable aluminum both nationally and on a worldwide basis.

Although, it does take a considerable amount of pull tabs for any individual to raise a lot of money, it’s the collective amount that can be raised by many supporters that really counts. Indeed, this is the model that our business plan follows and why we spend the bulk of our energies focusing on organizations, businesses, k-12 schools, and universities who can easily satisfy any minimum quantity that cooperating recyclers may require.

Therefore, individual supporters and the amounts they collect are critically important to the success of our ongoing efforts. Besides, the Pull Tabs for Charity organization believes that raising children’s awareness of the merits of simply giving to others is equally as important in today’s world. Regular quantities in excess of 100-300 pound amounts (collected by schools throughout the nation) continue to validate this thinking.

Nonetheless, please consider purchasing one of our colorful and reusable PTFC Recycling Containers to help us defray our administrative costs (place one in your shopping cart here). In fact, the nominal $4.00 profit we realize per transaction (after we pay for shipping) helps us remain in the black. Similarly, you may also make a contribution by purchasing one of our water-resistant oval stickers. Likewise, even down loading one of our free oval graphics helps us a great deal given the importance of positive word of mouth publicity.

Again, purchasing one of the award winning hand-crafted PTFC accessory items available at National Institutes of Health gift shops (Bethesda, MD) or on our website is a wonderful way to show your support.

Regardless, please support us in any way you choose . . . it all helps and is genuinely appreciated!




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